Hudsonville Freshman Campus


In 2011, the community of Hudsonville successfully passed a bond issue to support growth needs.  As a result of stakeholder input, the district chose to maintain a two-facility educational model, thereby establishing a new ninth-grade building.  This facility replaced an aging ninth grade building, relocating it to the main high school campus, and providing additional amenities that could be shared with the existing high school and community.

Several factors were considered when locating the building on the site.  Students regularly travel between the two buildings, thus keeping the academic spaces of the new facility as close as possible to the existing was critical.  Community access to the auditorium, natatorium and outdoor athletic spaces helped drive their proximity toward the existing Central Business District.  A final key consideration was the creation of a new bus drop off area, which could serve both buildings simultaneously.

The building is comprised of three major elements – an academic wing, a fine arts wing and an athletics wing – all connected by a multi-story commons that expands and contracts to provide connectivity to each major program component.  At the center of this circulation is a cafeteria, which doubles as pre-function space for the auditorium and natatorium.  Within the academic wings, lockers have been removed from the corridors in order to accommodate small group instruction.  Classrooms are equipped with interior windows to promote visual connectivity. 

The fine arts wing features a 900-seat auditorium, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and a scene shop. The auditorium is equipped with a catwalk, orchestra pit, and separate sound and lighting booths. The athletic wing includes a practice gymnasium, locker facilities and new 37-meter competition swimming pool.  An elevated seating area accommodates more than 550 spectators.  Outdoor stadium seating is attached to the west edge of the building and overlooks a new synthetic turf field, a six-lane track, and twelve new post-tensioned concrete tennis courts.



211,000 SF


Phase 1 - Completed Aug. 2014
Phase 2 - Completed Oct. 2015