Grand Ledge High School


Grand Ledge High School had an increasing student population in a building that had gone through several iterations of expansion and renovation. As a result, some areas of the building circulation were crowded and cramped. The district also wished to capitalize on the high school as a clear community identifier and a flagship building. The existing building entry did not have a prominent presence and was hard to find for visitors. The design solution to these challenges was to create a prominent architectural feature at the main entry that would create an atmosphere of community and school pride. An added benefit was to utilize the expansion to provide a large circulation space, alleviating pressures from other corridors during passing time. An abundance of natural daylight and tall ceilings create the sense of openness and welcome. School pride and community connection are displayed both in large graphics throughout the entry as well as the relocation of the student run Spirit Store next to the main entry. Using warm earth tones and a palette of natural materials in the tile and brick help add to a welcoming place for students and visitors alike.



Completed September 2010