Allendale Elementary School


With intense growth in the district and pressure on the current facilities, the challenge in this project was to deliver a new elementary campus for grades DK-4. The resulting goals developed through participation from the staff, administration, and the community during the design process included: designing a small school setting for 1000 students; designing efficient and effective spaces; providing quality, durable materials; and master planning the site for multiple buildings. To meet the objectives, the team created a building uniquely designed as two small, separate elementary schools under one roof. To provide economy, the buildings share the cafeteria, food service, gymnasiums, resource rooms, and students services spaces. The 80 acre site was planned to accommodate up to four buildings. Site amenities include: playgrounds for each building and for Kindergarten, play fields, centralized bus drop-off, wetlands enhancement not only for storm water management but also a three phased plan for curriculum development, and connection to the residential neighborhoods to the north. The exterior features timeless brick and sloped roofs. Building envelope is designed with a high thermal resistance. Interior spaces are clad with concrete block, porcelain tile and other durable materials. Heat pump mechanical system and geo-thermal well field for cost effective energy usage with a system payback projected within 4-6 years.



  • 125,000 SF
  • 975 Students


$17.5 Million


Completed in August 2004