Adams Elementary School


Situated in the Southern portion of the Zeeland Public school district sits the New Adams Elementary School. Serving as a K-5 building, the creation of a welcoming, healthy environment that blended with the surrounding residential developments was paramount to the design. The choice of exterior material, including barn wood salvaged from a 19th century barn formerly located on the site, pays homage to the area’s agrarian history, and also to its’ current residential developments. During the design phase it was decided that rather than demolishing the barn, it would be deconstructed, allowing portions of the structure to be re-purposed in the building. The use of materials and forms familiar to the surrounding area helps to enhance the sense of comfort and familiarity for students. Keeping with the philosophy of healthy sustainable learning environments, the mechanical design utilizes ceiling mounted active induction beams, central dual wheel energy recovery units and heat pumps. A central horizontal geothermal field with over five miles of underground pipe is the source for earth coupled energy, creating a system approximately 55% more efficient than current state energy code base building systems. With future growth in mind, the building was designed to allow for two additional classroom wings and a gymnasium to accommodate the ever growing needs of the district.



  • 42,000 SF
  • 30 Acre Site


Completed August 2012