Purdue University - Hicks Undergraduate Library


The vision for the renovated Hicks Library is that of an open space, with a hospitality flare, that welcomes students into the space and makes them feel at home. Located in a key spot on campus and open 24/7, the library has long been a popular venue for studying and study breaks. To meet changes in the way students study, traditional layouts were transformed by creating an open space that welcomes students and encourages them to choose various zones, with the option of deciding how they utilize the space. Zone furniture varies: collaborative study tables, lounge seating with height adjustable/mobile tables, computer stations configured in a compact fashion for space efficiency, and study carrels for reduced noise levels for individual work. Staff offices were relocated to the east end of the space.

Technology was a driving force of the space. Electrical power is located adjacent to furniture or routed through furniture or new screen walls. Quick access computer stations are positioned at the center of the library, offering students the ability to check e-mails before or after class. A wireless network is available throughout the space.

To complete the vision for the space, pendant lighting was incorporated at booths and bistro/bar-height tables, adding a soft ambient light. While keeping budget in mind, creative thought led to painting angled graphics on walls, in various colors, adding vertical interest to the space.



27,482 SF


Completed October 2013

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