Hope College Vande Poel – Heeringa Stadium Courts


Hope College had been playing home tennis meets at local high schools and was looking for a location for a new tennis facility. The City of Holland deeded an unused corner of property, immediately adjacent to Hope’s existing indoor tennis facility and outdoor athletic fields, to the college. The result is a first class tennis complex designed for both college and community use.

The facility features a total of twelve post tensioned concrete courts. Both sets of six courts are broken down into batteries of two with low partial fences that help with ball control while allowing free viewing.

The central spine provides an ideal viewing location for fans, with permanent stadium style seating and sculptural sun shades. Connection stairs at each end and in the center of the spine allow for players and coaches to traverse from the court level to the viewing level quickly. Underneath the spine is an open air, yet sheltered, player area complete with benches, drinking fountains, water filling stations and access to each court.



  • USTA Outstanding Facility Award
  • USTA Featured Green Facility


Completed June 2012