Calvin College Chapel


As master planned, this chapel is sited at the highest point of the academic circle and thus allows its spire to rise above all academics buildings and be seen from all parts of campus and focus each person to the religious central theme of this fine college. The chapel is designed with 1000 seats and the finest of acoustical features to enhance the speaking and musical aspects of its usage. The most difficult part of achieving a PNC level of 15 is attenuating the low frequency sound generated by the respective air handling unit blowers and minimizing the turbulence generated by fans at the point of exposure of the air to the chapel. This was achieved by use of an acoustics computer program which used a combination of both ASHRAE and experimentally derived algorithms to identify octave band sound energy at each point in the ductwork from the fan discharge back to the return system. The unseen connection to the current Spoelhof Center building creates an exterior plaza above and a multi-use Lab Theater below. The building also includes small prayer rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen, theater storage and rehearsal spaces.

Roof tile colors were computer generated for the gradation of color from the roof eave to the peak. The multiple colors were mapped for each facet of the facade for installation.



38,000 SF


$4.3 Million


Completed Fall of 1989