Plaza East


Premise: This building project continues to support the original concepts of the “super block” along 8th Street between College Avenue and Columbia Avenue. It continues to hold the urban street edge along 8th Street and builds on the cross sectional height for the center of the block to 4 stories. The center of the block has been dedicated as an open space or “plaza” to break the length of the block and create a relief to the street facades. This is also an open space location that will attract people and building tenants as well as be a place for continued programming already underway in the downtown area. This new plaza is a very important element not only to the block but to the buildings that will surround it.


Design: The building concept was to create a LEED® certified multi-use office/retail building to enhance the current downtown and be interactive with the adjacent plaza space. The building itself is highly detailed with variations of facade treatments and fenestration details. Its exterior materials are similar to the context of the building with brick and stone. The stone base anchors the building to the streetscape and is again repeated in the higher levels of the building. A unique feature of the building is the multiple outdoor balconies and spaces for interaction with the street and plaza to the east. The first floor will be retail space with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor plates designed for office use. In July of 2009, the USGBC certified the building as LEED Gold CS, two levels above the original target, and the first multi-use office/retail building to be awarded LEED Gold in the Holland vicinity. The plaza itself is conceived as a multi-generational living room for the downtown. It is master planned as a 4 sided urban edged space that engages 8th Street with a pedestrian crosswalk and extends to the historic City Hall and Fire Barn structure to the south. It provides a large open area for concerts, street performers, and lunch goers. Two fountains were designed in the space. One is a more formal pool at the street edge which is visible up and down 8th Street; the other is an interactive splash area with in ground jets and laminar flow nozzles.



  • LEED® Certified GOLD
    (Core and Shell)
  • Green Building of America Award


60,200 square foot, 4 stories


Completed in August 2008