HAWORTH - Philadelphia Showroom


In August of 2013, Haworth partnered with our firm to re-locate an existing showroom to the heart of Philadelphia’s financial district. The existing showroom was an expression of the branding effort by the client at the time. However, over the years, the brand and the market had developed and changed, and the showroom no longer was a clear manifestation of the new directions the company was taking. Part of that rebranding effort included a more contextual approach to the architecture.  As a result, an effort was made to connect the new showroom location to its urban context. The project is located in a spectacular space near Logan and Rittenhouse Squares, and draws design inspiration from Philadelphia’s vibrant squares to create a welcoming, versatile and energetic space.

Completed in May of 2014, the 4,600 SF showroom incorporates a completely revised customer experience, and branding elements that are global for Haworth, as well as unique to the Philadelphia market. Visitors are greeted by the Haworth logo positioned over a rolled steel graphic installation of the Philadelphia city map. Wood, stone and steel materials in the lobby also reference the city’s history and industry.

Workspaces showcased in the showroom support the variety of work styles in the market – collaboration areas, informal group spaces, private offices, lockers for workers without assigned desks, traditional conference rooms, team areas and individual touchdowns. There are no longer separate “product displays” – all product is incorporated into working scenarios that show in context some possible ways for it to be used by clients. The showroom technology diversity supports team sharing and spans from basic white boards to interactive digital technology layered throughout.

Haworth is committed to protecting and restoring the environment, creating economic value as well as supporting and strengthening its communities.  The space achieved LEED® Silver certification from the USGBC®.



LEED® Silver


4,600 SF


Completed May 2014

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