Oct 26, 2016

Half Empty or Half Full?

Since 2012, GMB has partnered with VOX of Holland, Michigan to help bring hope and life via clean, accessible and sustainable drinking water to sub-Saharan Africa.

Recently VOX came to GMB to present on their latest GMB projects, clean water wells at four schools in Mozambique to be completed prior to year end.

EPC Nangade Sede is a primary school (grades 1-7) located near the town of Nangade. Opened in 1976, the school has never had a reliable water access point. Currently, the closest working well is over 3km away. When completed, the new well will serve 1,839 students and 27 teachers.

The Chama de Unidade Secondary School (grades 8-10) has been operating since 2010 and currently has 506 students, but no water. The closest working well is currently 5km away. The projected beneficiaries number 1,000 (506 students and 60 families).

The Quelimane primary school opened in 1997 and has never had a water point. The closest working well is over 4km away. Students abandon class to ask for water from neighboring communities. Often times, students do not return to class. Projected beneficiaries are 1,300 students, teachers and community members.

EPC da Unidade is a primary school (grades 1-7). The closest well used by students is about 5km away. The school currently has 716 students. The new well will serve about 1,485 community members, including these students.

Our partners at VOX have shared, “It’s not about whether the glass is half empty or half full. It’s about the resource within the glass.” A resource that means children will be in school instead of walking for miles to collect water for their family. A resource that won’t expose students to water borne diseases. A resource that brings a better life and a brighter future.