Geothermal Experience

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems have been identified by the US Department of Energy as the lowest lifecycle cost system for heating and cooling facilities.

GMB has three decades of geothermal design experience and has designed these systems for numerous applications totaling between 2 to 3 million square feet and more than 5,000 tons of cooling capacity. We have designed earth heat exchangers that if you lined up all of the heat exchanger piping would total more than 300 miles.

GMB A+E has several Certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD) on staff and has all the geothermal heat pump system engineering design software and experience in-house. This type of engineering should not be left up to contractors for design but should be completed by the project design professionals.

Geothermal Heat Pump Projects

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Certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD)

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